Explore the Route That Fits You!

12 Mile

This route is designed for the beginning cyclist or younger riders, with mostly flat terrain and includes one rest stop.

33 Mile

This intermediate ride takes you through open grasslands and a few minor rolling hills of Moore County. Enjoy the view while you experience what a more challenging ride is like. Three rest/aid stations along the course will provide refreshments and any required assistance.

50 Mile

This route will allow you to ride east of Dumas towards Stinnett. Riders will enjoy a stretch of country scenery.

67 Mile

This route will allow you to ride the perimeters of Moore County and will also include adventuring into Hutchinson County. Riders will enjoy a stretch of country scenery before they travel close to Lake Meredith. It is this area where riders will find the High Plains “Hill Country” which is packed with challenging inclines (even for the expert).

100 Mile

This ride will include two counties. Riders will enjoy open grasslands, rolling hills challenging inclines, and scenery of Lake Meredith National Recreation Area (including traversing a 1 mile stretch over the Sanford Dam). Rest/Aid Stations will be positioned approximately every 10-15 miles.